Cephasonics Announces New cQuest Dragonfly Systems

Dear Customers and Friends,

We believe ultrasound is a basic technologic, transformative building block with vast potential for wide adoption in many markets.  We’re passionate about helping you create and take to market a new class of ultrasound-enabled products. These breakthrough products will allow users to visualize, measure or monitor a multitude of parameters in medical, industrial and research applications. The capability to build and deliver industry-leading ultrasound products rapidly: that’s the power of our Cephasonics cQuest Ultrasound technology.

Today we’re excited to announce a major milestone in our product line—our new family of cQuest Dragonfly™ systems optimized for next-generation, go-to-market ultrasound products: 

Ultra-Compact and Light-Weight: only 5 in x 4 ½ in x 2 in, Just 2 lbs
Small standalone appliance for point-of-care clinical applications
Wearable wireless ultrasound device for medical and industrial applications 
Modular 32- or 64-Channel System with On-Board Host Computer
Supports up to 192-element probes

Superior Image Quality and Frame-Rates
Award-winning, high-performance AutoFocus™ beamforming technology
Duplex Doppler: color-flow Doppler, B-Mode

Available for order now, ships Q1 2014

Cephasonics’ new cQuest Dragonfly platform is a full-fledged production system. We partner with medical, industrial and other ODMs/OEMs to embed our ultrasound engine so that they can build and deliver products with industry-leading size, performance and cost. 

Precision Beamformers • High-Performance Analog • Flexible Software

The system hardware includes all the ultrasound-specific front-end transmit and receive analog, digital and power circuitry along with an embedded host computer. The provided cQuest Ultrasound API™ software allows customers an easy and fast way to develop ultrasound-based products including portable standalone imagers and application-specific appliances. The system design builds upon Cephasonics’ award-winning technology, including our AutoFocus beamforming technology.

We invite you to contact us to learn more. 

Richard Tobias
CEO & President



32/64-channel Embedded-Ultrasound Platform
Complete Ultrasound Beamforming Front-End System
High-Performance, Flexible, Compact Platform for Ultrasound Research
Large-Channel-Count Modular Systems For Ultrasound Research
Ultrasound Analog Front End Receiver Module
32 Channel AutoFocus™ Receive Beamformer
16-Channel, 65Msps, 12-bit ADC