Dragonfly Application-Specific Ultrasound

A 32-channel Dragonfly is very compact and provides the required performance for any ultrasound-based appliance used in Point-of-Care (POC) applications. Its embedded host computer can be the only processor in the system, and for simplicity and reduced cost, the probe can be hardwired to the appliance.

Dragonfly Complete Solution for Portables

Dragonfly provides a scalable solution: a 32-channel Dragonfly with an embedded host computer for a low-end portable, and a 64-channel Dragonfly for a higher-end system. The small-size, built-in single probe connector is ideal for laptop or hand-carried ultrasound systems. Dragonfly delivers the performance needed for portable applications.

High-Performance Ultrasound Engine for Carts

A 64-channel Dragonfly delivers high-performance ideal for any low- to mid-range cart system. The modular probe interface board can be designed to accommodate the multiple probe ports needed by any cart system. A powerful external host computer interfaces to the Dragonfly hardware via a Superspeed USB3.0 port.

Improved Battlefield Survival with Portable Wireless Scanner

The portability of Dragonfly inherent in its small form factor and battery-operated capability makes it a perfect example of Cephasonics field deployable technology. The cQLink technology wirelessly connects the Dragonfly unit on the medic’s belt to a mini tablet for display and control. Save more lives on the battlefield with portable ultrasound for FAST exams.

NDT/NDE Industrial Systems Customized for the Job

Dragonfly’s flexibility can be used to create portable, custom NDT tools. Using Cephasonics’ advanced AutoFocus™ beamformation for phased-array applications.  NDT solutions can benefit from advantages such as less movement of the probe for faster inspection and better reliability. Dragonfly is a powerful PA platform packed into a small, wearable system.