Cephasonics Professional Services Group

Need help with your ultrasound design or implementation? Want to cut down development time? Don’t have in-house expertise in specific technology areas? The Cephasonics Professional Services Group (CPSG) offers consulting services for both the hardware and software sides of product design and development, as well as product integration, and testing.  We are experienced in all aspects of ultrasound systems design, from electronics, boards, power supplies, algorithms, DSP, core software, image processing, and user interfaces, to acoustics and transducers. Beyond that, we are experienced in processor subsystems, high-speed interfaces and many other components often required in your end product.

We offer our services on either a turnkey, fixed-cost basis or a time-and-materials basis. All engineering engagements with CPSG include project management and one or more design reviews with the customer. Longer projects will have clear milestones and regular update meetings between the customer and CPSG. Some of the areas we can help you with are:

  • End-Product System Specification and Design

We are system-level design experts. Our cQuest Cicada™ system is the core of our customers’ products.  We offer system-level-design consulting services as well. Our experienced hardware, software, DSP, and systems engineers can help you specify the other components of the system and determine how they will interface with each other at the top-level design. We can provide options and scenarios by highlighting various engineering and manufacturing trade-offs.    

Based on your specifications or those we specify together with you, CPSG can design your partial or complete solution. We can customize the cQuest Ultrasound API™ software and cQuest™ hardware platforms to fit your particular requirements. These kinds of design projects include testing of sub-systems and components followed by integration and system-level testing.

  • Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies or proof-of-concept projects are common practice prior to development of a full system. These can include, but are not limited to, porting of software to other platforms/operating systems, interfacing special probes to the system, connecting or daisy-chaining multiple systems in different configurations, and more.

  • Probe Tuning and Integration

Probe tuning refers to the process of optimizing the image or data-output quality for any given probe connected to the Cephasonics system. This process is also known as probe integration. Many parameters (such as Tx frequency, TGC, TFC, Tx voltage, etc.) can be adjusted and saved as presets. Probe tuning requires considerable skill and experience that combines ultrasound physics with an understanding of the probe characteristics as well as the imager's capabilities, and, most importantly, the many dependencies between the various parameters involved. Plus clinical sonographical experience is needed for tuning in-vivo as opposed to using phantoms. Traditional ultrasound companies use a team made up of a sonographer and engineer for this task, and budget up to four man-months per probe. As our customer, you  are responsible for this integration, but  CPSG is available to work with you on a consultation basis.

If you elect to use CPSG, you would provide us with your probe specs.  We will customize the probe interface on the system and perform integration testing with your probe. This customization can be done for prototyping or for the proof-of-concept stage as a wired-up solution. For higher end, long-term solutions, we can design custom PCBs.
Note that this process is different from, although it can be related to, applying and tuning various image-enhancing engines for pre- and post-processing, such as those for speckle reduction or edge enhancement. In either case, we will work closely with you to make sure the design is done correctly and will conduct mutual design reviews as needed.

  • Probe Sourcing

CPSG has strategic relationships with many transducer designers, vendors, assemblers, and test facilities around the world. We can help you source standard probes or very specialized probes in small quantities or in volume for production.

  • Custom Probe Interfaces

You may need to use an existing probe with an existing interface for initial development and thereby require a custom probe interface. CPSG can design and build custom interface boards for practically any probe and connector.

  • Image Enhancement (Pre-/Post-Processing)

Cephasonics has partnered with several third-party companies that offer image-enhancement software engines. CPSG can integrate such engines with our cQuest system to provide integrated solutions seamlessly. Furthermore, CPSG can tune these third party engines to be optimized for your specific probe and/or application.

  • Custom User Interfaces

If you lack the in-house engineering capability to develop your own graphical user interface to control your product, CPSG can help you develop it.

  • Path to Manufacturing

The cQuest Cicada system is a production-ready solution, not just a vehicle for development, test, and integration. CPSG can help you along the way to production with your various engineering projects. CPSG can also help speed the release to manufacturing (RTM) process, and manufacturing itself.

  • Regulatory Assistance

CPSG can assist your regulatory affairs department with premarket approval (PMA) or 510(k) submissions by providing technical information and specifications that you can include in your filing. We can also manage the entire filing process with our team of regulatory experts.

Contact us for further information: support@cephasonics.com