How can external devices trigger or be triggered by the cQuest Cicada (CSK9130)?

Besides the probe interface and the interface to the back-end host (via USB2.0 or PCIe), the cQuest Cicada™ system has a User Port for triggering other external devices. Customers' external devices can also trigger the cQuest Cicada system. Examples of such external devices can be various external transmit devices including lasers, DC motors used in probes or larger end-products, or various multiplexors.

These triggers are pulse signals that are triggered by or can trigger the system scheduler. These ports are intended for applications where the external device needs to be synchronized with the system at a precise event or time within the resolution of the scheduler. A trigger signal out can be flexibly scheduled in the system scheduler. Similarly, the system can wait for a trigger input from an external device in which case the system may stall until it receives this signal. Most applications require a trigger pulse at the beginning of a beam, firing or frame. More advanced applications may require an absolute time-based trigger in which case the user must have deep understanding of the timing wheel and be able to select an appropriate time slot to insert the trigger event.

A User Data Port can be customized to provide an SPI or I2C interface for data transfer to/from an external device as well.