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Interfacing to large matrix arrays
European Hospital @ Medica , Nov 16, 2015
Judy Kahn

Published in European Hospital magazine's Monday@Medica  issue on November 16, 2015, this is a short article about the market forces driving demand for Cephasonics' high-channel-count cQuest Griffin™ ultrasound system.

Medicine and the Internet of Things
European Hospital @ Medica , Nov 12, 2014
Richard Tobias

Published in European Hospital magazine's Wednesday@Medica Issue 1, page 19, this is a short survey article by Cephasonics CEO Richard Tobias.

What’s So Hard About Adding Doppler to Ultrasound?
Electronic Design , Oct 22, 2014
Richard Tobias

 This is Richard Tobias's first column as a contributing technical expert for Electronic Design magazine.  Summary: Though Doppler seems relatively simple to implement in ultrasound, analog performance in the latest systems has much higher, more-difficult-to-achieve specifications than standard black-and-white systems.

Next Generation Technology and Applications
European Hospital Magazine newsletter , Nov 26, 2013
Daniel Kreindler

This authored article by Cephasonics' Daniel Kreindler concludes: "Solutions such as Dragonfly that are optimized for next generation go-to-market ultrasound, will enable new applications that will further exploit the inherent advantages of ultrasound, propel ultrasound to be even more pervasive, and help it find its way into new environments with new uses."

Gallery: Best Electronic Design 2013
Electronic Design magazine , Nov 22, 2013
Richard Gawel

Richard Gawel  wrote: "2013 saw its share of innovations, both evolutionary and revolutionary. So which ones will have the greatest impact on technology in 2014 and beyond? After a hard look back at the past 12 months, our editors have chosen their picks for the Best Electronic Design of 2013 in their respective beats." Cephasonics won in the Best Medical Design category. 

Ultrasound Platform Opens Business Opportunities
Electronic Design magazine , Nov 19, 2013
Don Tuite

As the publication noted, "Don Tuite's choice for best Medical Announcement of 2013 is a family of programmable ultrasound platforms that enables MDs and other ultrasound savvy experts to develop and market new products." The article contains an in-depth discussion of the cQuest family of ultrasound platforms, including the new cQuest Dragonfly system (pictured in the article.)

Undercover medical research
Electronic Products , Jul 15, 2013
Richard Comerford

Electronic Products Editor Richard Comerford's introduction to the August 2013 Medical Electronics Issue with a call-out of the feature article by Cephasonics' Danny Kreindler. This is the on-line version of Richard's piece.

BOX: On the frontlines
Electronic Products , Jul 10, 2013
Danny Kreindler

On-line version of sidebar to main feature article by Cephasonics' Danny Kreindler.

HCC ultrasound promises to advance diagnostic clinical procedures
Electronic Products , Jul 09, 2013
Danny Kreindler

On-line version of feature article by Cephasonics' Danny Kreindler. The print version is the cover story in the August 2013 issue of the magazine.

Cephasonics Ultrasound Platform Links to Mobile Devices for Field Use
Engineering TV , Jun 28, 2013

This video, edited by Curtis Ellzey, features Don Tuite of Electronic Design magazine talking to Cephasonics CEO Richard J. Tobias about Cephasonics' new client-server technology.  The video caption explains that "Cephasonics' Design-Your-Own Ultrasound platform took hardware out of the equation for entrepreneurs; now it delivers images anywhere via IP."