cQLink Client/Server Toolkit

The cQLink™ Client/Server Toolkit allows complete network-based communications with all cQuest Ultrasound™ hardware platforms.

The Client/Server Toolkit provides full compatibility with the current cQuest Ultrasound SDK core API set, allowing for easy porting and migration to the client/server programming model. Ultrasound applications developed with the new toolkit no longer need to run adjacent to the underlying cQuest Ultrasound hardware. Additionally, the client API set is platform- and operating system-independent and includes ports for Java, Microsoft .NET (C#), Python and C++, and availability on Windows 7/8, Mac  OS X and Linux.

The client/server toolkit supports two logical channels of communications, one for control and one for data. This allows users to logically separate control of the underlying cQuest Ultrasound hardware from the data collection. The underpinning technology allows for quick extension and addition of user-specified messages if required as well. Example code is provided for the various languages supported.