cQuest Cicada Platform

Scalable, Full-Featured Ultrasound Platform

The cQuest Cicada™ product line is a scalable, full-featured ultrasound platform that offers a high level of flexibility and excellent image quality, enabling fast time to market for customers’ end products.

The Cicada product line begins with a 64-channel cQEngine hardware platform that is expandable to 256 channels.

The cQuest Ultrasound™ Software Development Kit (CUSDK™) enables seamless integration of users’ applications across the entire cQuest Cicada product family.     CUSDK is an open architecture that offers unprecedented flexibility to expedite customers’ product-development requirements.

CUSDK is a set of APIs, tools, utilities, scripts and example programs that facilitate the definition, configuration, scheduling, and processing of ultrasonic sound waves using cQuest Ultrasound™ front-end electronics and transducers for the purposes of concept development and product development. Users can write application code directly in various programming languages (C/C++, Java, etc.)

CUSDK offers core and advanced interfaces that allow users to program cQuest™ hardware platforms with high-level constructs and/or powerful low-level access primitives with the ability to capture and record RF channel data to fully beamformed, post-processed, and scan-converted image data.

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