cQuest Dragonfly

32/64-channel Embedded-Ultrasound Platform

The Cephasonics cQuest Dragonfly™ is a complete 32- or 64-channel embedded-ultrasound system. cQuest Dragonfly is a modular, high-performance system optimized for size and flexibility.  The cQuest Ultrasound API™ software provided with the system allows customers an easy and fast way to develop ultrasound-based products from portable standalone imagers, to application-specific appliances, to adding ultrasound capabilities to existing equipment in both medical and industrial applications. The cQuest Ultrasound API is a set of C++ libraries and header files providing user access to hundreds of system parameters. It is used to acquire data from and control, all Cephasonics cQuest™ platforms while abstracting the underlying hardware.

The system hardware includes all the ultrasound-specific front-end transmit and receive analog, digital, and power circuitry along with an embedded miniature host computer module. The embedded host module provides many standard IOs for use in the customer’s end product. For products requiring an external host CPU/GPU (e.g. PCs or laptops), control and streaming data are transferred to the external host from the Dragonfly system over USB3.0.

The system design builds upon Cephasonics’ award-winning technology including its high-performance AutoFocus™ beamforming technology that supports dynamic focusing and apodization, and parallel beam computation for superior image quality and frame-rates.

Probe interfaces support up to 192-element probes with a 3:1 muxing scheme (64-ch configuration), or 128-element probes with 4:1 muxing (32-ch configuration).


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