cQuest Family

From Your Idea to Product Realization

From Your Idea to Product Realization—Powered by Cephasonics’ Open Architecture and Flexible cQuest Ultrasound SDK

The Cephasonics cQuest Ultrasound Software Development Kit (CUSDK™ suite) enables the cQuest™ family of ultrasound hardware platforms. Whether developing innovative products or performing advanced research, customers are empowered to achieve their goals. CUSDK software runs seamlessly across all current and planned cQuest ultrasound hardware platforms.

Clinical-quality imaging capability is the cornerstone of all Cephasonics cQuest Ultrasound platforms. 

CUSDK is a set of APIs, tools, utilities, scripts and example programs that facilitates the definition, configuration, scheduling, and processing of ultrasonic sound waves using cQuest Ultrasound front-end electronics and transducers. Designed for both the application developer and researcher, CUSDK confers an unmatched ability to manipulate datapath parameters for prepackaged modalities (B-Mode, Harmonic Imaging, CFM, PWD and M-Mode.) These modalities can be configured into duplex and triplex operating modes along with other advanced features such as multi-focal zone, spatial compounding and parallel beams. For researchers, the included MATLAB® user interface lets them concentrate on ultrasound-research advancements rather than learning a new language.  Custom algorithms can be integrated directly into the data stream pipeline.

cQuest Ultrasound Platforms

The cQuest Cicada™ system is a scalable, full-featured ultrasound platform that offers a high level of flexibility and excellent image quality, enabling fast time to market for customers’ end products.  The Cicada product line begins with a portable 64-channel cQEngine hardware platform that is expandable to 256 channels. The unit includes analog parameterized beam-formation circuitry for transmit and receive, ultrasound-specific high-voltage power supplies, mid-processing functions, back-end host (USB2.0, PCI-Express 1.1x4) and probe interfaces.

The cQuest GriffinTM ultrasound system is the world’s first-ever commercial high-channel-count (HCC) ultrasound research platform, offering configurations up to 4096 channels. This product family enables unparalleled ultrasound innovation, allowing researchers and developers to conduct cutting-edge research with large-element-count transducers, realize ingenious ideas, and carry them forward into OEM production. Like Cicada, the family is built from 64-channel cQEngine modular hardware technology and ranges from 512 channels up to 4096 channels.

cQUB-1 (cQuest Ultrasound Box 1) 

The Cephasonics cQUB-1 (cQuest Ultrasound Box 1) is the first product in a family of cQUBä white-label ultrasound systems designed and manufactured by Cephasonics for purchase by companies to rebrand with their own brand name and model number. All Cephasonics white-label systems are built to the same high-quality standards as Cephasonics branded counterparts.  The cQUB-1 is a complete 64:192 (channels: multiplexed channels) ultrasound system with an integrated computer. It is available with a simple clinical user interface that can be displayed on an iPad mini™ tablet using cQLink wireless technology. 

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