cQuest Griffin

cQuest Griffin High-Channel-Count Ultrasound System

The cQuest GriffinTM ultrasound system is the world’s first-ever commercial high-channel-count (HCC) ultrasound research platform, offering configurations up to 4096 channels. This   product family enables unprecedented ultrasound innovation, allowing researchers and developers to conduct cutting-edge research with large-element-count transducers, realize ingenious ideas, and carry them forward into OEM production.

The family is built from 64-channel cQEngine modular hardware technology and ranges from 512 channels up to 4096 channels. cQEngine consists of five boards: Transmit, Receive, Power Supply, Probe Interface, and Backplane. (See the product table.)

The included cQuest UltrasoundTM Software Development Kit (CUSDKTM) enables seamless integration of users’ applications across the entire cQuest Griffin product family.  CUSDK is a set of APIs, tools, utilities, scripts and example programs that facilitate the definition, configuration, scheduling, and processing of ultrasonic sound waves using cQuest Ultrasound front-end electronics and transducers for the purposes of research and product development. Users can write their application code directly in various programming languages (C/C++, Java, etc.) including MATLAB®.

CUSDK offers core and advanced interfaces that allow users to program cQuest hardware platforms with high-level constructs and/or powerful low-level primitives with the ability to capture and record RF channel data to fully beamformed, post-processed, and scan-converted image data. Users can write custom algorithms that can be inserted at different points in the processing chain.

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