System Products

cQuest Cicada Platform

The cQuest Cicada™ product line is a scalable, full-featured ultrasound platform that offers a high level of flexibility and excellent image quality, enabling fast time to market for customers’ end products.

The Cicada product line begins with a 64-channel cQEngine hardware platform that is expandable to 256 channels.

cQuest Family

From Your Idea to Product Realization—Powered by Cephasonics’ Open Architecture and Flexible cQuest Ultrasound SDK

cQUB-1 64:192 Channel Ultrasound System

The Cephasonics cQUB-1 (cQuest Ultrasound Box 1) is the first product in a family of cQUB™ white-label ultrasound systems designed and manufactured by Cephasonics for purchase by companies to rebrand with their own brand name and model number. All Cephasonics white-label systems are built to the same high-quality standards as Cephasonics branded counterparts.  The cQUB-1 is a complete 64:192 (channels: multiplexed channels) ultrasound system with an integrated computer that has a connection on one end to an ultrasound transducer.

cQuest Dragonfly

The Cephasonics cQuest Dragonfly™ is a complete 32- or 64-channel embedded-ultrasound system. cQuest Dragonfly is a modular, high-performance system optimized for size and flexibility.  The cQuest Ultrasound API™ software provided with the system allows customers an easy and fast way to develop ultrasound-based products from portable standalone imagers, to application-specific appliances, to adding ultrasound capabilities to existing equipment in both medical and industrial applications.